Finance a Car Dealer Bond

Car Dealer Bonds can now be Financed!

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866 357-4405 or for the best rates on a wholesale or retail car dealer bond and ask about our 30% down payment option.


All surety bond carriers ask for payment of the bond in full, however Your Car Dealer Bond has set up a financing program to give California dealers access to a payment plan for their DMV dealer bond.

We are also very proud to announce that our 24-hour call center is now available so you never have to worry about talking to an answering machine!


We are committed to our car dealers and will continue to improve our business practices to maximize the value we are able to bring to the table for our customers. After all, our customers are the only reason we are here and please believe that Your Car Dealer Bond is here to stay.

We also provide outstanding prices on wholesale or retail car dealer bonds in: California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico.

Previously we’ve made a name for ourselves offering wholesale prices on retail car dealer bonds but now, we may be credited with pioneering a bond program that will revolutionize the car dealer industry.


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Unmatched Service Standards

Some believe that mistakes happen, an apology is thrown out, and life moves on. To Your Car Dealer Bond, 1 negative dealer experience is 1 too many. We work tirelessly to improve our system through consistent monitoring and analysis to prevent from having to apologize to YOU for our shortcomings. We also see this company as a work in progress which allows us the flexibility to modify our practices as necessary to provide the highest quality experience for our used car dealers.


From the Your Car Dealer Bond Team:

Thanks for all the support and we promise to continue to strive!